Saturday, June 1, 2013

With the arrival of new supplies, one can hardly not be inspired.  I purchased a few new rhinestones from Etsy and a strand of Opalite gemstones from Artisan Whimsey's Destash Event.  I did not realize at the time how beautiful the gemstones are, as pictures do not do them justice.  After they arrived, I decided to research them a little and discovered that they are an "all around healing stone".  I also discovered that there seems to be two different forms of "Opalite", one is a man-made type, and the other is an actual gemstone that is made up of opalized dolomite and fluorite.  The drops I purchased are gemstones and not man-made glass.  I have made a few pair of earrings from them.  

The first pair I designed with beautiful bright orange rhinestones, wire-wrapped to the Opalite drops and embellished with golden rings.  They remind me of a summer sunset. 
The next pair are wire-wrapped to golden freshwater pearl coins and light Topaz Cubic Zirconia. They remind me of a warm summer day at the beach.
The third pair are wire-wrapped to Swarovski Light Turquoise crystals and drop from delicate silvertone chain.  They remind meof a bright blue sky.      

Next are gorgeous glass rhinestones I found on Etsy.  

The first pair of earrings have a gorgeous pair of Blue Zircon rhinestones with Vintaj drops that are beautifully etched with a floral/vine pattern.  Very elegant....

With the second pair of earrings I used beautiful fuschia rhinestone drops wire-wrapped to bright orange rhinestone, encircled by  turquoise leather.  Creamy white glass pearl drops tie the colors together.  These earrings are so much fun - and beg to be at a summer party.

The third pair of earrings are simple and elegant.  They have beautiful vintage Aqua rhinestones dropped from golden organic form ovals.

The final designs are vintage-boho style with filigree and rhinestones.

This first pair have beautifully detailed floral petal bead caps with AB topaz glass drops peaking out from the tips.  They drop from organic hammered oval forms. 
 These pair have beautifully detailed filigree squares adorned with vintage square rhinestones.  They are very elegant and have a lot of sparkle. 

This pair has layers of antiqued brass detailed botanical drops with rhinestones, glass pearls, and a golden leaf.  They have a Victorian feel to them.

The fourth pair of earrings have vintage filigree drops that have been colored with Vintaj patinas and wire-wrapped with freshwater pearls.  These earrings look aged and rustic.

Well, it certainly feels good to be out from under my creative block.  I hope you will find inspiration in these pieces.  I will be listing them on Etsy at UrsyllaBs sometime tomorrow (6/2).  Have a great weekend!

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