Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bead Soup Party Sneak Peak........just a tiny one

As many of you know I can become a bit overly focused when it comes to designing jewelry....and a tiny bit obsessed.   Over the weekend I have been working on my designs and have them nearly finished.  However it is both a good and bad thing that the BSBP reveal isn't until May 3rd (I think I read that someplace).  The good thing is that I have time to change my mind and redo my piece a hundred times before the reveal.  The bad thing is that I am like a child at Christmas wanting to open, in this case reveal, my design before it's time.  The other thing is that I am afraid I will forget what day it is and miss the blog party reveal...."panic!"

I am going to share with you snipits of my BSBP designs.  So far I have made four pieces out of the lovely mix Jean sent and a few of my own.  below are little windows of the beads I have put together.  I will not tell you which piece they came from..


I hope you sre inspired to design soething beautiful

Talk to you soon,


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  1. Oh this is beautiful! This is remarkable! I am speechless! I love what you have done!!! You rule, Jen!
    love, jean