Monday, January 7, 2013

Rose Garden


This necklace is a piece I have designed for another challenge coming up in February.  I will post links to it when they are available.  The theme of the competition is the use of semiprecious stones; I chose Rose Quartz.  It is a beautiful translucent rose colored stone which has such a romantic essence to it.  I chose other materials that reminded me of my rose garden and materials I associated with romance such as filigree, glass pearls and crystal.  I then selected similarly toned multicolored beads, along with brass chain and lace which I have woven into it.  I love the soft pastels of this necklace.  I also designed it to simply place over your head, without a clasp.  Each of the beads are wire wrapped and connected to each other.  I like the simplicity and romance of the necklace as it is, however, I have drawn up some changes to it.  I will post the final piece and the link to the challenge after I have submitted it in February.  

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