Monday, August 19, 2013

Art Bead Scene Blog Challenge for August

About two weeks ago Art Bead Scene Blog posted the feature art work for August's Challenge.  It is a beautiful painting in rich bold colors of red, purple, yellow, and gray.  The soft edges and abstraction give a hint of three people standing next to each other, thus named "Tres Personajes".  I thought it was interesting that the artist Rufino Tamayo incorporates sand and ground marble into his paintings which adds a rough texture.  When I see this painting my eye is drawn to the bold colors and soft edges, but it reminds me of felt and I would never guess it had a sand and ground marble texture.  I am a huge fan of working in mixed media, adding and incorporating medias that are not normally seen together.  Mixing sand into paint is not all that uncommon, on the other hand, it is not the first thing one thinks of when they see a painting.

Tres Personajes, (Three People) 1970
Rufino Tamayo
For the August Challenge I designed two bracelets.  Both bracelets are made with felt, pulling from the rich red and gray in this piece.  I knitted and felted the bands and then added the art beads.  The red bracelet has a focal bead that I made, which is part of my new line called "Paper Garden".  The grey bracelet has a lovely focal bead and button made by Mamacita Beadworks.


  1. This is so unique and different, I'm not sure which I like best! Very cool design too!

  2. these are beautiful, love the soft texture of the fulled wool with the beads