Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Beads and Pendants for Fall from Purple Fish Studio

Well, it's about time I get back to my blog after a much needed break.  While I was taking a break from my blog, I decided to venture into a new media, well at least new to me.  About six months ago I purchased resin.  With sketches and ideas in hand I thought I would create something new, but the more I looked at the resin the more hesitant I became in using it.  Mostly, because I was not too familiar with it and I had heard stories about it.  Also, because I lack in long-term patience, which is needed for the media.  At last, I decided I was going to work with it no matter the results.  Some things turned out and some did not turn out so well and some are still in the process. 

One of my ideas was to create a pendant/bead that was vibrant in color and created the idea of an experience or memory.  My first thought went to my garden and then to my grandmother, with memories of sitting in her beautiful garden watching the bees and butterflies working busily through the flowers; the sun shining warmly on my face, and the subtle sent of roses dancing around us.  She is in her 90s now and has the early onset of dementia.  Her garden now exists only in my memories.

I am so excited about these new pieces - I absolutely love them!  I am posting a few that have finished curing.  The pendants are two-sided.  The front side is vibrant and has either butterflies, flowers, or birds.  They are coated in resin on both sides and some have embedded loops and some do not.  Next, are the ring beads which have a rustic look to them.  They have been coated in multiple layers of patina and then with resin.  I can hardly wait to create something with either of them.  When the pendants and beads are finished curing I will post them here and then list them at


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