Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to use Paper Garden Ephemera Beads - Idea #1

I am posting a few simple ideas on how to use the Paper Garden Ephemera Beads.  As I put more ideas together I will post them.  I think this simple filigree wrapping works really well for a variety of designs.
 - Add a jump ring at the top and create a pendant
 - ......add another jump ring to the the bottom and add a pearl drop.
 - Add a jump ring on both ends and use the piece as a bracelet focal, incorporating leather cord or chain.
 -  Rivet the filigree to a leather bracelet or a wool bracelet and create a focal piece.

New Ephemera Paper Garden Beads Listed on Etsy

This dreaded heat and humidity has been throwing a wrench into my creating....  I have posted a few new beads on Etsy from my new line Paper Garden and I will be posting more as weather permits; it is too hot and humid for the resin to set.   I found this great old piece of driftwood that had a U-nail and a piece of barbed wire embedded in it and I have used it as the background to my beads.  I am still working on the photographic aspect of my work, but I think it is getting better.  The beads listed below could use a bit more light.  I took them in natural lighting, but they seem just a bit too dark and do not show the vivid earthy colors of the beads as well as I would like them to.  As always, any feedback would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Join Me in Celebrating the Launch of My New Line! "Paper Garden"

I am very excited about these new pieces.  They are rustic and romantic and have beautiful glimpses of roses, flowers, and memories of garden beds. 

This collection of beads is designed to have a soft silky well worn vintage look to them. They look as though they have been cut out from a dearly-held favorite old card or picture that gives just a small snapshot of a garden bed.

My inspiration comes from heartfelt memories of warm summer days in my grandmother's garden.  She has the early stages of dementia now but still loves to talk about her flowers.   I have also drawn inspiration from the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes", when Evelyn has brought a fresh batch of "fried green tomatoes" to Ms. Threadgoode who resides in the nursing home. Her walls are covered in old pictures and postcards of flowers to remind her of her gardens back home.

The beads are made from oval wood pieces, floral ephemera, and many coats of resin and sealants. They measure approximately 2-1/4 x 1". They have many uses and can be wire wrapped or have bails glued onto them to make a beautiful pendant.  I also think they would be beautiful wrapped in filigree. 

I love the soft hint of flowers and foliage and the bright garden colors.  The 16 pieces I have posted at do not have holes drilled into them, but I will be posting some that have a hole at the top or two on the side.  I am not sure if I am going to offer that as a "made-to-order" or not.  I will post the 16 I have listed with links directly to them.

I used one of the beads as a focal for the felted bracelet I made.


In celebration of the new line - if you post a feedback comment and re-post the blog you will be entered for a chance to win one of the beads.  I will be giving away three of them to three lucky winners.  Thank you for joining in my celebration!

Thank you!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Art Bead Scene Blog Challenge for August

About two weeks ago Art Bead Scene Blog posted the feature art work for August's Challenge.  It is a beautiful painting in rich bold colors of red, purple, yellow, and gray.  The soft edges and abstraction give a hint of three people standing next to each other, thus named "Tres Personajes".  I thought it was interesting that the artist Rufino Tamayo incorporates sand and ground marble into his paintings which adds a rough texture.  When I see this painting my eye is drawn to the bold colors and soft edges, but it reminds me of felt and I would never guess it had a sand and ground marble texture.  I am a huge fan of working in mixed media, adding and incorporating medias that are not normally seen together.  Mixing sand into paint is not all that uncommon, on the other hand, it is not the first thing one thinks of when they see a painting.

Tres Personajes, (Three People) 1970
Rufino Tamayo
For the August Challenge I designed two bracelets.  Both bracelets are made with felt, pulling from the rich red and gray in this piece.  I knitted and felted the bands and then added the art beads.  The red bracelet has a focal bead that I made, which is part of my new line called "Paper Garden".  The grey bracelet has a lovely focal bead and button made by Mamacita Beadworks.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Okay - Here They Are! - Gorgeous Swarovski Rings for Sale!

I have finally gotten them listed - boy what a chore that

I absolutely love these rings and am very excited about listing them.  They do have a link directly to Etsy so that you can purchase them.

Beautiful Statement Ring (27x9mm Crystal) $65

Gorgeous Statement Ring (32x17mm Crystal) $75

Beautiful Crystal Cathedral Ring (12mm Crystal) $45

Checkerboard Topaz Ring (18x13mm Crystal) $45

Stunning AB Crystal Ring (14mm Crystal) $45

Gorgeous Filigree AB Crystal Ring (14mm Crystal) $52

New Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Rings

I just received a new shipment of Swarovski Crystals and are they gorgeous!  I have been replenishing my ring inventory at Iris Boutique and at UrsyllaBs.  My favorite is the "huge" Marquise cut one in the center.  It is 1.25"x .6" and it is quite the statement piece.  It is nested in a wire wrapping and attached to a beautifully detailed filigree band.  I also love the long oval Padparadascha (unfoiled) which also is a statement ring, measuring 1" x .25".  I will be listing these at UrsyllaBs later this afternoon and also post them individually so they can be purchased through my blog.   

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Beads and Pendants for Fall from Purple Fish Studio

Well, it's about time I get back to my blog after a much needed break.  While I was taking a break from my blog, I decided to venture into a new media, well at least new to me.  About six months ago I purchased resin.  With sketches and ideas in hand I thought I would create something new, but the more I looked at the resin the more hesitant I became in using it.  Mostly, because I was not too familiar with it and I had heard stories about it.  Also, because I lack in long-term patience, which is needed for the media.  At last, I decided I was going to work with it no matter the results.  Some things turned out and some did not turn out so well and some are still in the process. 

One of my ideas was to create a pendant/bead that was vibrant in color and created the idea of an experience or memory.  My first thought went to my garden and then to my grandmother, with memories of sitting in her beautiful garden watching the bees and butterflies working busily through the flowers; the sun shining warmly on my face, and the subtle sent of roses dancing around us.  She is in her 90s now and has the early onset of dementia.  Her garden now exists only in my memories.

I am so excited about these new pieces - I absolutely love them!  I am posting a few that have finished curing.  The pendants are two-sided.  The front side is vibrant and has either butterflies, flowers, or birds.  They are coated in resin on both sides and some have embedded loops and some do not.  Next, are the ring beads which have a rustic look to them.  They have been coated in multiple layers of patina and then with resin.  I can hardly wait to create something with either of them.  When the pendants and beads are finished curing I will post them here and then list them at