Thursday, July 31, 2014

What's New at Purple Fish Studio

I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone.  Here it is August tomorrow, the local county fairs have come and gone, my garden is producing vegetables, and I do not feel like I have gotten anything accomplished - perhaps because I have had my head buried in my studio.....

I have been designing a lot more with mixed media lately; using leather, mixed metals and vintage and contemporary.   I have quite a few new pieces to show off with this posting, I hope you are inspired.  Looking through my design books and paging through the months on my Swarovski calender I have come across some really great inspirational pieces which motivated me to look back at some of my older work.  I decided I would incorporate some of those ideas, with a few changes, into my new pieces.  It's funny how easily I forget about my older work - always pushing forward.....

I have also been working on what I call catalog pages for my designs.  I think I am going to make them into postcards to hand out or, I might also design another online catalog like the ones to the right of my home page......or, maybe I will just do both....  :-)

Of Note:  In the pictures below, the bracelet to the right, with the upcycled vintage brooch, shows two colors of purple.   The true color of the purple glass is in the top picture.  I think a shadow makes the elongated bracelet look much darker than it is.    

I hope you are inspired to create something beautiful.

Talk to you soon!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Won A Great Stash from Beadaholique's "Strung Out"!

Last week Beadaholique had another one of their great giveaways on their blog Strungout at  There they were offering a chance to win a stash of Nunn Design's new 2014 Spring Collection.  Who wouldn't jump at a chance to win that?

After I commented, I immediately went into daydream mode sketching out designs using all the beautiful pieces in the collection.  I really had my fingers crossed........

Needless to say crossing my fingers - okay, so that really had nothing to do with winning, but at the time it made me feel like it would.

The Collection arrived in the mail today.  Wow! The pieces are absolutely beautiful!

When I commented for the giveaway, I thought perhaps the round rustic charms would be my favorite, and yes I would still choose them; however, seeing the collection and having the pieces to look at causes me to say I may have to reconcider!  Even as I look at them now, while writing this, I think it is difficult to pick a favorite.

Along with the beauty of the designs, in any of the Nunn Design Collections, the quality is top of the line and some of the best I have worked with.  The pieces can stand alone as a focal, you can mix and match them in a collage piece, or add them to one of your own designs.  Any way you decide to use them they add a bit of elegance.

I would also like to state that is one of my favorite places to buy supplies, their prices are great and they have a nice variety of quality brands to choose from.  Plus, their blog always has fresh new ideas and is a great resource.

Thank you Beadaholique Design Team!

I hope you are inspired to create something beautiful!

Talk to you soon,