Thursday, July 31, 2014

What's New at Purple Fish Studio

I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone.  Here it is August tomorrow, the local county fairs have come and gone, my garden is producing vegetables, and I do not feel like I have gotten anything accomplished - perhaps because I have had my head buried in my studio.....

I have been designing a lot more with mixed media lately; using leather, mixed metals and vintage and contemporary.   I have quite a few new pieces to show off with this posting, I hope you are inspired.  Looking through my design books and paging through the months on my Swarovski calender I have come across some really great inspirational pieces which motivated me to look back at some of my older work.  I decided I would incorporate some of those ideas, with a few changes, into my new pieces.  It's funny how easily I forget about my older work - always pushing forward.....

I have also been working on what I call catalog pages for my designs.  I think I am going to make them into postcards to hand out or, I might also design another online catalog like the ones to the right of my home page......or, maybe I will just do both....  :-)

Of Note:  In the pictures below, the bracelet to the right, with the upcycled vintage brooch, shows two colors of purple.   The true color of the purple glass is in the top picture.  I think a shadow makes the elongated bracelet look much darker than it is.    

I hope you are inspired to create something beautiful.

Talk to you soon!


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