Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dreamtime Creations and the Grand Swarovski Competition

I cannot wait any longer!  LOL 

I have been holding off posting my competition piece until the finalist or winners had been selected, but I am so excited for you to see this piece, I cannot wait any longer.  If any of you have not been to the Dreamtime Creations website, you must go.  Their selection of Swarovski crystals is amazing.  They also have settings that have long prongs on the backs of them so they can easily be attached to a leather bracelet, or a purse, etc.; I have not found them anyplace else but there.

In June 2014 they were hosting a Swarovski Crystal competition where you simply took a picture of your design and submit it to their Facebook page for a chance to win an awesome life-changing prize - and you could bring a friend!

I designed a vintage inspired bracelet for the competition - but now I am waiting on pins and needles to see if I won.  There were over 500 entries!  Can you imaging that?  You can go to their Facebook page to see all the entries - and if you happen to see mine, be sure to like it.... 

I designed the bracelet in the spirit of vintage Swarovski, inspired by a time of glitz and glamour, of elegance and sophistication.  I wanted my piece to have the look of "old-time" Swarovski.  Looking back on my piece, I think I would have changed the clasp on it - but it is too late now - and perhaps I will change it out at a later date.  I used vintage Swarovski cabs 2190/4 in Bermuda Blue, set in vintage brass ovals that I riveted to vintage brass filigree.  I then surrounded the cab in Swarovski crystal cup chain and wrapped the focal in a leaf spray and added a bee.  In between I used large vintage Swarovski crystals wrapped in filigree bead caps.  The chain is made by linking jump rings together, and I finished it off by adding a smaller version vintage Swarovski crystal. 

"Two Bees are Better Than One"
The pair of earrings below was my backup plan.  They are designed with Swarovski checkerboard cabs in vintage Swarovski settings which I then riveted to vintage filigree drops. 

AND now the anxious waiting.  I have nearly gone crazy checking my e-mail and Facebook to see if I have been notified of winning!  I hope I do not have a nervous breakdown before then...LOL....

......... I cannot imagine reviewing over 500 submissions; the judges have quite the task at hand. 

Be sure to stop by their Facebook page at


I hope you are inspired to create something beautiful!

Talk to you soon.



  1. Although I will not be participating in this Competition due to my decreased creativity I certainly am able to appreciate this bracelet and the earrings-GORGEOUS!

  2. Thank you. The competition closed in June, but we are all anxiously awaiting the results. There were so many submissions and all very beautiful pieces; lots of talent out there.