Friday, September 26, 2014

What's New from Purple Fish Studio: New Denim & Lace Designs

The designs I have been working on recently are a blend of upcycled and recycled, vintage and contemporary.  They have the look of lace but are beautifully detailed filigree painted in a soft cream with subtle hints of worn metal and layers of color and texture.  The pieces have an almost floral look to them  - they are artful and beautiful with just a touch of sparkle.

The three necklaces below are designed as bib style with layers of color, filigree, texture and metals.  I have riveted the layers to distressed recycled denim giving them a vintage/boho look.  I added a simple antiqued brass hook as a closure.  I chose not to add a ring, but to let the hook connect to the chain instead.     

This necklace is designed with layers of brass medallions, filigree, and embellishments.  There are two faceted metallic blue Czech beads wrapped in filigree that connect the piece to the chain.   I painted the brass medallions cream and then layered a natural state, warm coppery colored star piece.  I think the coppery look brings out the patina in the next layer vintage filigree piece.  I added a few rivetables accented with Swarovski crystals. 

I am not certain I am finished with this piece, as I think the flower embellishments need something and I have not quite determined what it is.   

This necklace is designed with layers of filigree and an unusual vintage Czech pearl focal.  There are two faceted vintage Swarovski crystal beads connecting the piece and the chain.  I painted the bottom filigree a cream color, then added filigree rounds with a rich patina.  Next, a raw brass petaled filigree piece and finished it off with the vintage pearl focal.  I added rivetables with Swarovski crystals accents.   

This necklace is designed with layers of filigree and Swarovski crystal focals.  I painted the first layer cream, then added gold painted filigree and petaled filigree with patina.  The Swarovski rivolis are nested in the filigree petals.  I added rivetables accented with Swarovski crystals.  This piece has a simple ring connection to the chain. 

I will be posting these at sometime next week, however, if you are interested in purchasing them or having me design something similar, just drop me a note.

I hope you are inspired to create something beautiful!

Talk to you soon,


PS - The flowers in the background are a birthday present from my daughter and I thought they added a beautiful simple splash of color to the pictures.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!   

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