Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Listings at

Today I listed a few new ceramic beads at purplefishclaybeads.etsy.  These beads have been fired and are ready for someone to create something beautiful.  They are made from rich brown Yixing clay.  The ceramic linked chain is made from green Yixing clay.  Yixing clay is a single fire clay body.  All have been fired to cone 6.  After they are purchased, I hope someone sends a picture or two of what they have done with them.  Below is the process I use to create the beautiful pieces you see on my Etsy shop.   I hope sharing my process will spark some inspiration.

1. Sand the pendant.
2. Coat in Swellegant Brass Coating, let it dry overnight.
3. Add Vintaj Patina coloring, let it dry a few hours.
4. Sand again.
5. Add another layer of Vintaj patina coloring. Of note: I add coloring until I get the affect I want.
6. Add glaze sealant.

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