Thursday, May 2, 2013

Snow Globe Winter Wonderland - Spring Snow Storm in Wisconsin is still snowing - what's a girl to do? Go shopping on line?...LOL..... The snow started last night about 7 pm cst with a bit of rain and freezing rain.  By the time I woke this morning at 6, we had lost power at some point in the night, and there was more than 10" of snow - the wet heavy kind.  Our neighbor's birch trees look like weeping willows and the cable and phone lines look like a fat ship-yard rope.  I am posting a picture or two of our snow globe winter wonderland.  The clarity is not that great as they were taken with the camera on a cell phone; I forgot my camera at my studio - but you can get the gist of the immensity.   

The trees in my back yard; normally, I can see through them about 1/2-mile
The foreground is my cable line

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