Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vintaj Weeping Willow Challenge

Friday was submission day for the Weeping Willow challenge for Vintaj.  In researching for this challenge I wanted to look into folklore and the mythology of the tree - and my goodness, there are so many.  I read that the branches weep and droop, never to rise again, in response to the death of two lovers.  There is also the belief that the devil placed the tree to entice suicide.  The tree was also mentioned as far back in time as the Bible and even prior to that.  The tree has been used medicinally to cure aches and pains.  Whatever one believes about the tree there is certainly a truth in its beauty, with its graceful draping branches and beautiful form.  I love the dome of magical space created between the trunk and the branches reaching towards the earth.

This is the piece I created.  It has a beautiful simple line with the use of the Vintaj hoop.  I then wire wrapped Vintaj willow branches to the sides, added soft green glass, and a vintage crystal rhinestone.  I also added leaves and touches of Vintaj patina.  The piece is designed as a bangle.   Voting is still open for the challenge; there are a lot of beautiful pieces. 

Willow Wisp Bangle - Vintaj Challenge Submission

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