Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vol. 2 Mixed Media and Found Objects - August

Happy Sunday to all of you!  It is difficult to believe that August is just a few days away.  It seems as though we had a never ending winter, with snow right up until May and then we had weeks on end with rain.  From there it went directly into 90 degree weather for a few weeks, and now we are in the 50s and I am digging out my fall sweaters.  It seems as though our summer skipped right over us and now we are at the doorstep of autumn.  Although, fall is my favorite time of year, I would have liked summer to last a little longer than a few weeks.  But, who knows it is Wisconsin after all and weather is unpredictable at best; we did have a blizzard in May...

In my Glossi post for last month, I might have....sort of...mentioned that I was going to put out a bi-monthly Glossi, but......I had so much fun putting it together last month that I started another one and it was completed before I knew it so, I am going to post it.  I cannot guarantee that I will have one in September as I am struggling with an artists block right now, but perhaps the art gods will be kind and open a window of inspiration.  Next weekend I am heading into the cities for a self-planned art and botanical garden tour with my camera and sketch pad in hand.

I have posted a link to the Glossi on the right hand side of the blog.  Check it out, it is better than the first one!   

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