Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How To Etch with Vintaj Permanent Ink Patinas

These pieces are examples of what I call permanent ink etching.  Below I will give step-by-step instructions.  I think there is a variety of different way you could achieve this effect.  I will share with you the few easy steps I took.  I chose the 29 mm Vintaj copper blanks as my canvas.


1 - 29mm Vintaj copper blank
2-3 different Vintaj Permanent Ink (Patinas)
1 - Roll of clear sticky shelf contact paper
1 - Vintaj Sizzix DecoEtch
Embellishments as needed

Step 1:     Cut a section of the clear sticky shelf contact paper large enough to cover the DecoEtch plate - leave the sheet intact, do not separate it from its backing.

Step 2:     Place the intact sticky shelf contact paper sheet over the DecoEtch plate, shiny side down, and run it through the Sizzix machine as per paper directions.

Step 3:     Select your Vintaj Permanent Inks and apply two coats of your base color to the Vintaj copper blank.  This works best if you apply one color instead of marbling or variegating it.  Example - if you want your "key" or "bird", etc. to be blue, put two coats of blue down first.  Let this dry.

Step 4:     This step takes a little patience.  After running the contact paper through the Sizzix, separate the contact paper from its backing, put the sticky side of the sheet of your design down on top of your painted copper blank.  The contact paper does come up easily so you can re-arrange the layout as needed.  When you have arranged the pieces the way you want it to look, press the pieces firmly to make sure they are attached to the painted metal blank and relatively sealed.
     **Suggestion:     I think you could also use stickers for this process if you do not have a Sizzix Machine.

Step 5:     Next, select the second color of the Vintaj Permanent Ink and cover the entire copper blank.  Let this dry.

     **If you would like a third color skip step 6 and go on to step 7.

Step 6:     Remove the stickers.  If a little sticky residue is left, wash the piece with Dawn soap and gently dry.

Step 7:     If you would like a third color added to your piece, do not remove the stickers, but place additional stickers over the second coat of Vintaj Permanent Ink, being careful not to overlap you first set of stickers.   Apply the your third color selection and let this dry.

Step 8:     When your third color is dry SEE STEP 6.

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