Friday, February 15, 2013

Vintaj Patina Permanent Ink Etching Using Stickers

I thought I would show you a layered effect using stickers and four different colors.  I started this piece with blue, placed the round stickers, then painted pink, placed more stickers, painted lavender, placed more stickers, and then painted the green.  It is very important that each layer dries completely before you place additional stickers and Ink.  When you have placed your final layer of Ink and it has dried, peal all the stickers off and touch up as needed.  With these earrings, I like the rustic worn look so I sanded the pieces slightly and then buffed them.  There are so many different designs you can use with this technique.  Be sure to check out the detailed instructions on the previous blog about etching with Patina Permanent Inks. 

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