Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hats? Who Would Have Thought.......

Well this is not a new adventure for me and not something I think I am going to add to my list of things I design.  However, last week my daughter asked me to make some hats for her shop.  I use to make them for her and her sister when they were little.   I was a little hesitant in doing so, as I had not made hats in a long time.  I also thought that it was interesting to find out that my great-grandmother made hats in a hat shop in the early 1900s - and I am sure they were quite fancy.  Mine on the other hand are very earthy and have just a splash of Boho.  I will probably make a few more for her so she has enough to get her though the fall season - I am posting the ones I made.  They are what I call a casual-soft weekend hat.  They have tissue paper stuffed in them so the form is a little off, but they fit great and are a lot of fun.  (I should probably press them a little...)  I also will not tell you how many times I ripped out seams and how many hats I actually sewed to get to these three.  I have just a dash of OCD and perfectionism which has a tendency to stress me out a tiny bit....LOL...  I like the choice of materials she had for me.  The blue/black hat has just a bit of gold thread running through it; the red is a great fall color, and even though you cannot see it on the third hat, there are a few stripes of turquoise that run through it.  The bands are all corduroy.    

Also, a new shipment of beads arrived and I designed these earrings from them.... I love them.  They are 2.5" filigree triangles with gorgeous Swarovski "Sun" Rhinestones and silver freshwater pearls.   In total they measure 3.5"... they are linked to UrsyllaBs on Etsy if you would like to purchase them.

I am still offering a free bead from my new line "Paper Garden" I just ask that you pay $3 for shipping - so send me over an e-mail and let me know.  I will be offering a free bead through the end of September.  I think they would make a great focal for your design.   

Let me know what you think 

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