Friday, January 17, 2014

Discovering Gilder's Paste

Since I've decided to start the New Year off with the goal to incorporate new techniques and try different medias, I decided to try Gilder's paste.  Normally, I work with brands like Swellegant, Vintaj metal patinas, and other paint forms.

I am finding that I love the effects of combining Vintaj metal patina and Gilder's paste.  The combination gives a blend of warm earthy antiqued tones with dark accents and soft golden highlights.

With the earrings I have been working on I used Vintaj Earth and Gold Baroque Art Gilder's Paste.  I applied Vintaj Earth first and let it dry.  I then applied the Gilder's paste, let it dry, and then gently polished them.

I also discovered a great way to apply the Gilder's paste - I use an eye shadow applicator.  You can buy a pack of disposable ones pretty cheap and they work great.  I tried my finger (too messy), paper towels, cloths, paint brushes, and found the spongy eyeshaddow applicators work the best.

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