Saturday, January 25, 2014

Upcycled - Recycled - Redesigned

When working with vintage, found object, and unusual materials in my designs, I am never 100% certain what term I should use, up cycled, recycled, redesigned......   While doing a little research I found a few clarifying definitions including synonyms.

Upcycled:  to convert found objects into something better - new and useful.  To raise the value of a recycled item.
     Synonym:  refurbish, enhance

Recycled:  to convert used (including vintage) materials into something new and useful.
     Synonym:  salvage, reclaim

Redesigned:  to enhance something by changing it from its original state.
     Synonym:  remake, reassemble, make over

I think it would be entirely possible to use all three to define a newly designed piece.

For example:

While my mom is out on her adventures she is always on the lookout for unusual pieces of jewelry, art, and other things.  Quite often she finds jewelry that needs a little TLC such as a broken necklace or bracelet, or vintage pieces that need a little help.

Recently, she came across a necklace that looks as though someone had spent some time making it.  There are some great beads in it like, semiprecious gemstones, pipestone, shell heishi, clay, glass, and a few metal beads/findings.  I think it would be an interesting bracelet but it's too long and it's too short for a necklace. The design doesn't quite flow right either.

In working with this piece I will be recycling it, as it is used and someone was discarding it.  I will be upcycling it as, I intend to improve it, and add value to it.  I will also be redesigning it so the beads, colors, and textures are more fluid.

I will post a pictue of the newly designed piece in a week or so - or as soon as I am finished.  I haven't quite decided which design I want to go with.

Keep warm! Us midwesterners are in for another artic blast - blizzard nonsense for the next few days.

Talk to you later,


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