Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year

I cannot believe how fast the holidays went by.  I have not blogged since last September.

I have decided not to do a New Year's resolution, instead, get organized a little more and try at least two new techniques in my designing.  After the mad sales rush and special orders of the holidays I am in need of a vacation..LOL - but I think it will be more of a staycation where I can take a slow careful look at my inventory, decide what to keep and what to pass on to someone else.

I received an Android tablet for Christmas, from my daughters - the tablet is great and I am learning to love it, but as a borderline troglodyte, the experience has been a "trip" thus far, and on occasion, tested my limits of sanity...LOL.  I am one of the few and brave who does not even have a cell phone - and how peaceful that is, especially when I am in my design mode.

I am posting a few of my new designs taken with the camera on my tablet.  The quality does not compare to that of a good camera, but works if you need a quick shot. And there is always the hope that once I master the tablet so goes the pictures....

I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to blogging again.

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