Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finding Inspiration

For me, designing jewelry is my passion, but finding modes of inspiration can sometimes be challenging.  I look in nooks and crannies of antique shops as well as the vintage jewelry cases.  I also like to go to estate sales and look for unusual things that catch my eye.  I do a lot of research online and by looking through and reading books and magazines.  Some might be surprised in that, I let the bead, rhinestone, or focal piece speak to me about the design.  I never sketch out an idea first and then hunt for the pieces.  It is almost like an adventure and I really have to love the piece or I don't buy it.

Once I find a great piece, I let it sit on my studio work bench for a few days to weeks, sometimes months, and on the rare occasion, a year; the average is about three days. During the time it sits, I pick it up a lot, draw some sketches and do some research.  When I finally get a piece together, it sits a few more days until I'm 100% certain I love it and if it doesn't feel right, I work on it until it does.

One of my design rules is, it's okay to find inspiration in other designers work, but it should never be copied or close enough to look similar.  I really want my pieces to be unusual and intriguing. Another criteria is that it needs to tell a story or capture a feeling (hopefully one with a little nostalgia...LOL).

Below are some pieces I have been working with, beginning stages.  The stones are all vintage with the exception of one, and the metal work is a mix of vintage and new.  Most will be bracelet focals....maybe :-)

 I would love to hear about you process and what inspires you - add a comment and let me know.

Talk to you later - Jen

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