Thursday, January 23, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

Teaching yourself new techniques is both inspiring and fustrating as you know, and revisiting earlier pieces is always a reminder of how far you have come.  I use to be hard on myself when looking at my older pieces - thinking "yuck' did I really make that?".  Now, I chuckle a little, and think "great! - I have new beads to work with :-) ".. and take the piece apart.

One of the great things I have discovered when using metal colorants is that you can usually paint over it and start over, unlike wire-wrapped jewelry, which I find rarely saveable.

I have been using Vintaj patinas for quite sometime, layering colors and ocassionally adding a few drops of their silver or gold patina to changes the tone.  Recently, Vintaj has published a blending chart for their patinas and it has opened up a new palette.

One important lesson I have learned when using Vintaj patina is that less is often better and a little drop goes a long way.

The two pair of earrings below started off as raw bright shinny copper.  Adding layers of Vintaj patina have transformed them into rustic, aged and worn looking earrings with hints of natural looking patina. I used just a few drops of Earth, Jade, Moss, Verdigris, Antiqued Copper.  I layered the colors starting with Earth.


Below is a mixed media bracelet I have been working on.  I have used semi-precious stones and other earthy materials.

I hope you find some inspiration - keep warm and I'll talk to you later.


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