Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Found Objects - What A Great Find!

Last night I had to run a few errands in the cities and ended up at an enormous fabric warehouse called S. R. Harris.  From the outside, the building looks a little raged around the edges and overgrown.  But, when you walk inside you see that it houses 30,000 sq ft of every sort of fabric bolt you can think of in addition to rows and rows and bins of notions and odds and ends.  My daughter needed fabric for her new line of fall clothing so we went in different directions.  I spent almost two hours rummaging through notion and odds and ends bins looking for something I could use for my jewelry designs.  I think I could have spent another two hours and still not been finished digging through the bins.  I am posting a few of the pieces I found; many are buttons, some are odds and ends, and some I think are pieces to be used for belt making.  I love the variety of textures, designs, and materials in these pieces and I also love the fact that they were not intended for making jewelry, but the possibilities could be endless.


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