Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Earrings

Ladies Night is over and it was a great success!  It is always great to see new faces and catch up with old friends.   Now that the event is over and I have another three months until the next one I will be working on restocking inventory and redoing my displays.

I have been working on some new designs with the buttons and other odds-n-ends I found the other day and I actually like them so, I thought I would share them with you.  I also had a custom order for an upcycled leather bracelet which is only in the beginning stages, but I will share that one with you as well.


This pair of earrings has a vintage look to them.  I started with buttons that have a lacy pattern to them and very pretty teardrop pearl in the center.  Playing off the "leather and lace" idea,  I added pearl colored leather cord, looping it through the hole on the back of the button, showing off a similar shape to the pearl of the button.  I then wire wrapped glass beads onto the ends and wrapped them together, adding a loop at the top.  I also mirrored the pearl with larger pearl drops at the bottom of the earrings.  


This pair of earrings has a geometrical-stempunk look to them.  I started with simple silver buttons with a diamond cutout pattern.  I then took black 24g wire and wrapped it several times around a diamond pattern on my Thing-A-Ma Jig, wire-wrapping the ends to finish it off.  The wire wrapped diamond reflects the pattern in the buttons.  I painted Vintaj silver patina over the wire, lightly wiping some of it away so the black would show through, giving it a worn/rustic look.  I added large black bicones, emphasizing the lines. 

This necklace has a boho look to it.  It starts with a translucent resin ring that has flecks and swirls of earthy green, gold, and brown colors and a slight iridescent sheen.  It is then wire wrapped to an olive green large hole bead.  In between the two are layers of jump rings which I have added similarly colored glass beads to and a single bright turquoise one to give it a pop of color.  I formed a ring and hook clasp and added leather cord to it. 

This bracelet was a special request.  It started with just the scraps of what use to be a leather belt.  It had the end with the holes and then about ten sections.  She loved the leather as it reminded her of when she was younger - a bit of nostalgia.  First, I designed a buckle that would work with the bracelet and then added a loop of wire, quartz, and a comes the watching and adjusting phase.  I will post the final design when I am finished.

I am also going to post a How-To for the buckle sometime next week.  I love how it turned out and it is pretty easy to do.  With leather bracelets and cuffs being the trend this fall adding a buckle that you have created yourself could be useful and just the right touch to your creation.   

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