Sunday, April 28, 2013

Need a New Pair of "Favorite Earrings"?

Who doesn't need a new pair of earrings at least once a month?  Thinking back to when I first had my ears pierced and how many pairs of earrings I have owned since then....  Styles certainly have changed.  So many trends have come and gone, but rhinestones of all sorts seems to still be in fashion.  Earrings can be dated back thousands of years in history and have represented status in society to a bit of rebellion.   I thought it was interesting to learn that a Pirate's gold earring was used as payment for their burial.  Some of my favorite earrings are the evening-ware from the 1940s and 50s with the rhinestones and glitz.  I also love the more bohemian style earrings with mixed media and a warm earthiness.  Whatever style you prefer, earrings are always fun to wear and can often add just that little touch of pizzazz to your outfit. 

These earrings are made with bright summer colored Mother of Pearl Shells and dyed quartz.  The beautiful sky blue shells have hints of a floral pattern to them, the white shells have the subtle natural shell pattern to them, and the quartz gives it just the right pop of color.   I love the repetition of flat round beads and the bright colors. 

These earrings boast a wonderful summer green.  They are designed with Swarovski's Fern Green crystal hearts, marguerite lochrose and Antique Gold crystal pearls, as well as a coco heishi, all wire wrapped together.  The crystal hearts have a lot of sparkle

These earrings remind me of flowers.  Vintaj patina painted vintage filigree with copper drops and a dyed green jade bead are layered together to create these long delicate looking flower earrings.  The filigree looks like a flower blossom, the copper drops the stems, and the jade bead a single leaf. 

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