Monday, April 22, 2013

Vintage Rhinestones - Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

I absolutely love vintage jewelry and vintage rhinestones.  The designs of that era are so elegant and almost intoxicating.  Many of the pieces I design and create are inspired by the vintage jewelry of the greats such as Miriam Haskell, Hobe', Juliana, Robert,....and so many more.  I love the filigree and wire wrapping.  I love the sparkle.....  Hard to type and

I am posting two new necklaces.  They are simple and elegant, trendy and funky.  They are listed at Ursyllas.

The focal in this piece is a vintage uncirculated Smokey Topaz glass doublet.  I have riveted a setting to a filigree piece and then used vintage uncirculated Miriam Haskell wire to wrap the piece, giving the beautiful stone a nested look.  The brass filigree and chain have a Vintaj patina gold tone to them.
This stone is a cabochon from the Alfred Weber stones I was fortunate enough to acquire.  It boasts a rainbow of brilliant color.  It measures 18mm and is set in the same setting as above, with a brass setting riveted to a filigree piece.  This design is also brass, but has a matted silver Vintaj patina added to it.  I have sanded some of it away, giving it a warm golden brass - warn feel to it.  This piece is not wire wrapped, but sits beautifully in the setting. 

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