Saturday, April 20, 2013

Soft Pale Tones of Summer - Where's the Beach? (Somewhere beneath the mound of snow)

I love the soft blue color in the large nuggets of Amazonite.  They remind me of a cloudless bright summer sky.  They are wire wrapped to milky white and slate blue glass beads.  There are also two tones of gold in this necklace which helps add interest to the design of this piece.  

This necklace also has two tones of gold to it, a brushed matted gold and a bright warm gold tone.  The center piece is a soft pink shell circle and below that is a row of bright yellow and orange shell pieces that frame the circular shell.  I have added golden glass beads, creamy glass pearls, coral Swarovski crystal pearls and milky white glass beads.  

This necklace shows off beautiful repurposed vintage glass pearl drops from Japan.  The teal glass bicones are wire wrapped to the chain bringing out the silver gray of the pearl drops.  I have added four different tones of silver to black chain in this piece.

These pieces can be purchased at - just click on the tab above. 

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