Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Great Summer Night Light - Solar Tabletop Lights

I started making tabletop solar lights a few years ago on a whim and ever since then people have asked for them.   So during the summer months (only) I make tabletop solar lights in addition to all of my other projects.  This year I created a new-and-improved design where the lid/lights can be removed. I thought I would post a few of the designs that I make.  I really like them as they are easy - just put them out during the day to collect light, either on your patio table, deck railing, deck steps, porch window, etc - and they stay lit at night.  The solar light usually lasts as long as a solar garden light, somewhere between 5-8 hours, sometimes a little longer.  The jars measure approximately 8.5" in height and 4" in diameter.  They create an inviting warm environment, especially if you want to be outside at night.

The plain light in the center costs $21
The solar light with shoulder adornments are $25.
Shipping is approximately $6

I am taking orders for them now.

1.  Post a comment and how many you would like
2.  State if you have a color preference, etc. - I will do my best to accommodate you.
3.  Provide your e-mail.
4.  I will issue a Paypal invoice.
5.  When payment is received, light(s) will be shipped within 2-5 business days.  

Second Method:

I will list these at if you would prefer to purchase them there.  

Of Note:  I can make the solar lights with or without the glass chips.  A variety of different colors of glass chips are available.  I also make some with sand and shells. 

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